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Fort Myers Channel Letters

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The fate of your business will be greatly influenced by how you manage your advertising campaigns. For a lot of businesses, dimensional and channel letters are the most high-impact outdoor signs that can communicate a compelling advertising message to a wider audience.

Custom Channel Letter Building SignAxe Signs & Wayfinding is one of the leading companies in the sign-making industry that are offering premium Fort Myers channel letters. What makes us the best choice, however, is our deep commitment to helping your business succeed with affordable custom signage that thoroughly reflects your brand and business personality.

Our high-quality channel letters are extremely flexible and versatile. They can be shaped into any letter, number, symbol, or logo that you need. They are also available in various fonts, sizes, colors, lighting methods, and mounting styles. More importantly, they fit any business across every industry.

If you want to attract more customers with a professional look through durable and cost-effective signage, invest in our dimensional and channel letters today.

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Storefront Channel Letters

Custom Channel Letter Sign

People will almost always judge you based on how you look. The same is true with your business. How your storefront looks will give your potential customers the first impression that will determine whether you’ll gain loyal customers or lose promising business relationships to your competitors.

To make a good impression on your target audience, an attractive storefront sign should be on your priority list. Channel letters will be a worthwhile advertising investment, giving your store a professional and eye-catching exterior for better visibility and wider marketing reach.

Channel letters are individually cut signage elements that project a 3D look that you can always customize. Every element—whether shaped into letters, numbers, symbols, or logos—comes with a hollow space inside that can be used to incorporate lighting for a more captivating effect.

If the design and material of your signage are already finalized, you will then choose what method would be used in installing your Fort Myers, FL channel letters. They can either be directly mounted on your building or have them raceway-mounted. The former offers a more attractive result yet the latter takes lesser installation time and requires fewer penetrations.

If you need help finalizing the design of your signage or if you want to know more about the pros and cons of direct-mounted and raceway-mounted channel letters, don’t hesitate to call and let our signage experts help you out.

Channel letters are ideal storefront signs for various businesses, including grocery stores, retail outlets, and shopping centers. They are also perfect for universities, hospitals, government buildings, and other offices.

Dimensional Letters

Storefront Sign

Dimensional letters are often confused with channel letters for good reason. These two types of signage are similar in a lot of ways, displaying utmost versatility in their three-dimensional forms. Both of them are ideal for indoor and outdoor uses as well. The only major difference that they have is that only channel letters have hollow channels that give way for inner lighting.

Dimensional letters are individually cut elements that are completely solid with no space inside whatsoever. Apart from that, it’s practically the same as channel letters. There is even still a way for illuminating them, overcoming what seems to be their disadvantage compared to channel letters.

To illuminate dimensional letters, you can use stainless steel and incorporate some LED backlighting. Another option is utilizing translucent acrylic faces that will be perfect if you want some face-lit dimensional letters.

Additionally, dimensional letters also have the flexibility and versatility of channel letters. You can form it into any letter, number, symbol, or logo of your choosing. They are available in various different materials such as acrylic, aluminum, brass, bronze, Cor-Ten steel, copper, stainless steel, metal, plastic, and foam.

Dimensional letters are applicable for all types of businesses in every industry, including retail stores, warehouses, movie theatres, cafes, and office buildings.

Backlit & Illuminated Channel Signs

Lighted Sign

Committed to helping small and big businesses reach their goals, we make sure that our Fort Myers channel letters are finely crafted to match every client’s brand and business personality. A lot of the clients that we have served are running nighttime or 24/7 businesses, leading us to produce high-quality illuminated channel letters.

Incorporating lights within your signage will give your storefront a boosted visibility and much more captivating appeal, gaining you more customers over time. LED lighting is the illumination method that we recommend due to its superior performance and affordability.

There are three ways that you can illuminate channel letters: front-lit, back-lit, and combination of the two. Your lighting can also have either one or multiple colors, depending on what is more appropriate for a showstopping storefront.

Backlit channel letters are ideal for bars, nightclubs, restaurants, gas stations, malls, and other establishments that operate 24/7 or during nighttime. They can also be used by any business that wants extra visibility for more customer traffic.

Free Channel Letter Sign Consultation

Fort Myers Channel Letters Axe signs logo black 300x149If you want to create an amazing first impression on your target market, installing dimensional letters or channel letters is the most reliable and cost-effective way to do it. Versatile and flexible, they can build your brand as a trusted professional in your chosen field while still giving your signage a flair of eye-catching creativity.

You can choose to have Fort Myers channel letters in various material options, fonts, shapes, sizes, colors, and lighting methods. With the right partner, you will never have anything to lose with investing in this signage. They will, instead, guarantee a boost in visibility and average ticket.

Call Axe Signs & Wayfinding at (239) 984-8587 for your Free Consultation with a Fort Myers Channel Letter expert!